Sunday, February 8, 2009

Getting Started

I had an interesting hike yesterday through some snowy conservation land in Concord, MA with my friend Paul Levy, who writes the terrific blog Running a Hospital. Our walk stimulated me to begin my own blog.

I've been writing about negotiation with my friend, colleague and business partner Jim Sebenius, including our latest book 3-D Negotiation, an earlier book The Manager as Negotiator and other articles and books for 25 or so years. Through our consulting firm, Lax Sebenius LLC (, we have had to good fortune to be advisors to major companies and governments in a wide range of complex and fascinating negotiations with businesses, governments and interest groups. These negotiations have ranged from North America to South and Central America to Europe to Asia to Oceania and Africa (we're waiting for our first engagement in Antarctica); they've have been in industries ranging from oil and gas to professional sports to health care to pharmaceuticals to software to cosmetics to finance to basic manufacturing to biofuels to water and power. We've had the opportunity to reflect on these experiences and infuse them into our writing on negotiation.

In addition to reflecting on negotiations, I have many often iconoclastic ideas about politics, economics, career choices and personal development that people often find interesting and helpful but for which I've never sought an outlet. So, I am going to use this blog to post stray thoughts of an errant negotiation guru. I'd be delighted to have some of these ideas receive greater exposure and others be retired to the trash heap (or recycling bin) of ideas whose time has not yet come, has come already, or will never come. Your feedback is welcome.

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